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Connecting People Through Music

I am Bridgette Kossor and connecting people through music is my passion and great love; music opens the door to our hearts quickly and gets us to feel without any thought or effort. It truly is soul medicine!! I find that people can connect to themselves and then to each other through music. It transcends any perceived barriers or walls between people, or within each of us. Music sails right into our hearts and souls and creates a harmony that reminds us of the joy, beauty and delight that is always here and waiting for us to experience. I love creating the opportunity for us to enjoy those experiences, together, through music.

My career has honed my audience skills with an ability to bring everyone together, in just about any setting and gathering. Conferences, workshops, special events, and community gatherings are some of the audiences that not only benefit from my performances; they bring a sense of community and openness.

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  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Performer
  • Writer
  • Connection Specialist
  • Senior Music Wellness Facilitator and Trainer