Hi, I'm Bridgette Kossor!

I am passionate about inspiring people of all ages and walks of life to feel, experience and connect to who they truly are, so they can live a life that FEELS GOOD.
How? Singing, writing, energy and body coaching, speaking, teaching, cooking and sharing...

As a Coach, I help people to wake up inside and know what they truly want and desire, then help them believe it is REAL. We explore the thoughts and beliefs that appear to limit choices, then create new ones for the present that help them cherish who they are, choose what feels good and enjoy the pleasure that comes with experiencing their true desires.

People feel clear, focused, connected to themselves, hopeful, energized, inspired and powerful.

As a Singer/Songwriter/Performer, I offer experiences through music that allow people to FEEL freely,  connect to themselves and each other. As a community joined together through the music, people are able to contribute and feel good, have fun, be moved, raise the overall vibration of all people present and feel energized.


People feel happy, connected and open, in themselves and as a community.

As an Inspirational Entertainer in the senior adult community, I bring a feeling of life, happiness and energy to the residents, staff and families.
Together, my voice, energy and passion literally ignite the life in my senior audiences, bringing forth behaviors that are out of the ordinary, increased response and social interaction/participation.


People feel happy, alive, engaged, connected and grateful.

Special Upcoming Events

with Tim Mead, Bridgette Kossor, Mitzi MacDonald, Chaz Nesmith, Deborah Sharn & Rocky Tucker


Friday February 12, 2016 7:30 -9:30 @Cafe Nova
All donations made by check are tax deductible