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When you feel connected to your true self, you feed yourself in ways that truly serve you; the best food, healthy relationships, doing work that you love and living a life that reflects
who you are.
— Bridgette Kossor

From the time I was a young girl, I wanted to be a famous singer, and when I grew into my teenage years, I wanted to help people not feel pain or hunger. Singing was and, still is, my passion and joy. Helping people who are in pain, and hungry to remember who they truly are - this is my purpose and calling. Being witness to someone lighting up from the inside leaves me speechless and what joy to have music and energy healing skills be the tools of my trade.

Every person matters. Every story matters. Love matters.

Bridgette’s Offerings


Music Performances

Connect your Community
through Music.


Senior Music

Every Person Matters…
and Music Includes Everyone.


Mastering your energy

Readings-Healing Sessions
Custom Essential Oil Blends

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the I am enough experience

“An Empowering Musical Experience ”

Spotlight: Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise

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As I get ready for my 10th year of entertaining on this amazing, vegan wellness cruise, I am super excited to share it with you, here! I will be posting pictures, a video here and there and writing about the food, classes and fantastic ports we are visiting. Where, you ask? Panama, Columbia, Jamaica, Aruba and Cozumel/Costa Maya in Mexico. I freakin’ LOVE the ocean, so being able to do what I love while ON the ocean is magic. This year, for the first time, I am offering “Mastering Your Energy” personal sessions - just take that in for a moment. Working in your energy while on the ocean. The level of moving energy is just beyond imagination!

We leave March 3rd, so check in every day and I will be sending you some cruise love!!!

Photos from this year’s cruise:

Past Cruise Photos:

I have done energy work with Bridgette and the speed at which this process moved the discovery along was amazing. She was able to detect a link between an event 30 years ago and a current relationship issue with a family member. I can say that understanding and being aware of the factors around the 30 year old incident have changed my view and I believe it has given me more compassion towards the individuals involved.
Thanks Bridgette for your help.
— JG