Mastering Your Energy Reading: Cindy

I love to share someone’s experience of their energy reading, in their own words. It is amazing to feel and read how life shifts into forward motion, when your energy is moving in alignment with your highest self, and the purpose/desires that come from this deep place inside. This is Cindy’s story:


Around the time you started doing readings, I found myself wondering what's next for me?  I'd had an exciting, adventurous life up till then, boating, camping, jetskiing and travel, but it seemed like that exciting part of my life was over!

When we talked, you saw that my energy body looked like a map of the United States, with power outages dotted all over.  So you helped to reconnect those places in me that needed to be.  Then, when I shared that I felt my adventures were over, my Higher Self showed you that no, in fact they were just beginning.  Different adventures! And with my heart opened, I planned a two week driving trip to Colorado this month with my dog Lou!  The first week was a get together with my college buddies, and then Louie and I took off for the wilderness; camping, swimming and hiking together.  It was amazing, and I found that Louie is a perfect traveling companion! Last week I stopped by the sporting goods store to pick up some equipment and saw the most beautiful kayak I had ever laid eyes on.  I was thinking of getting one for quite some time, and two days later I went back and bought it. Since then I've been studying, researching (shopping!), practicing and tomorrow it goes in the lake!

You are a gifted healer, and I encourage anyone who wants to amp up their life to connect with their higher self with your guidance.  Thank you for helping me to reconnect with my inner adventurer, it feels fantastic!


August 29, 2017

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