Mastering Your Energy Healing/Reading: KL

I have a client who came to me for Reiki and I quickly let her know that I never do Reiki by itself. Would she like to experience all of what I offer? She said yes.

We did a session and in my initial list of impressions and information, the last thing I wrote was water. Drink it, be in it, work in it. Her Higher Self was pretty insistent about it. We talked about how much water she drank and as we drew to the end of her session, I asked her if she enjoyed swimming. She firmly said NO. 

It turns out that she had a traumatizing experience in the water at a young age and did not enjoy going into the water because of it. I listened and right away I saw and felt us working in my neighborhood pool. I asked her if she would be willing to do a session in the pool. She said yes and we scheduled it for the next week. 

When she entered the water, there was anxiety and a bit of panic at times. About 30 minutes in, she started to relax. I did some Reiki with her, eyes closed. Out of the overcast sky came the sun, just shining on her. The one person who was at the pool, was respectful and eventually left. We were the only ones at the pool. After the sun came out, she was relaxed enough to float on her back with pool noodles and my hand under her head. Later, she said she hadn’t been able to float in the water in a very long time. She bounced around and out of that pool with a completely different energy! She couldn’t believe that she felt so good in the water. 

That was an amazing healing session. I wanted to give her an experience of pleasure and safety in the water. She totally received it. 

MYE ReadingBridgette Kossor