Mastering Your Energy Healing/Reading: Mitzi MacDonald

I had two sessions of energy work with Bridgette before I went in for my fourth hip surgery.  I went into it thinking it might help, and it couldn't hurt, so why not give it a try.

I had a lot of negative thoughts of why I was still having problems,like resentment towards a doctor, and resentment of being stuck on a walker, and also being in a brace for possibly months on end. I remembered strongly how much I hated being in that, did I remember. 

I knew what was coming with the surgery, but yet I wasn't up to thinking past it somehow... like lining up the help I needed, and recognizing all I had to do to take care of myself.  

The energy work itself was simple, easy and relaxing.  I just had to open up and really be present with her in the moment.  The next all important part was to really listen to her....and to do the things she recommended, which wasn't hard, because it all felt good.  I suddenly felt loved and cared for each day... by me. I immediately started preparing for the surgery and making sure I was taken care of afterwards.  It became so easy... is all I can say.   I really had a sense that I was preparing myself for something wonderful, and as the day approached, Bridgette sent me a meditation to do every day, and it was WONDERFUL!!  I did it the morning of the surgery, and I went in there so peaceful, calm and happy really. I knew what to do even lying there in the operating room, before they put me to sleep... I was doing my energy work.

I left the hospital not even 24 hours later, with another new hip in place, and feeling empowered.  The hospital insisted on sending me home with 58 pain pills (crazy!) which I took maybe 10 of them, being off them completely by day 3. I experienced very little pain throughout any part of the healing process.  It's been easy to wear my brace, and I don't know yet how long I will have to be in it, but I know I am fine, whatever it is.  I have such a better attitude towards it, and more importantly... towards me and my beautiful new hip!  

We had another session after the surgery and I shared with her what frustrations I had, and before the day was over, they melted away.  I handled the problems, so easily... and wondered why I hadn't done that sooner, which made me laugh.   

Energy work with Bridgette is wonderful and easy and I would highly recommend it to anyone, and especially anyone going in for a surgery, or facing a health issue.  It is for sure the most important thing I did to prepare for mine. Thank you Bridgette!!! 

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