Music, Family and Laverne

As I started singing today, this sweet lady was brought in by her family. I have seen her with her sons a few times, but not together. They stayed the whole time, sang to her, moved around with her and participated in the songs with the residents. My insides just burst with happiness when I see families so connected to their loved ones during my music programs. I went over a talked to her a little bit and although she does not open her eyes (I am not sure why but it’s obvious there is something going on with them), she answered me quickly. Yes, she loved the music. Yes, her family is pretty funny - at one point her very tall son was kicking up his legs during “New York, New York” and totally cracked me up.

Now, I had the urge to go over to her and put my hands on her shoulder while I was singing, because sometimes the vibration coming through my hands as well as my voice creates a very powerful combination. I did not do it and I told her that the next time I come to sing, I will do it and she said, yes! Do that.

Seriously, the power of love, music and connection goes beyond description, sometimes. It is amazing and I get to not only witness that power; I get to be a conduit for it as well. Yeah, I think I’ll keep my work…

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