Day 2 Monday 3/4/19

So we made it out of snowy St. Louis and after a long day of travel, boarded the MSC Divina and did our orientation and safety drill. Dinner was lovely, and we reunited with our cruise family, seeing so many familiar faces and meeting new ones. Afterwards, headed up to the pool deck for the welcome party, and I did my singing/connecting thing with a great crowd while everyone enjoyed vegan tidbits and cocktails. So much fun!!!!! After a good night’s sleep, today is an adjustment day; being on a ship, contantly moving takes some getting used to and it can make you a bit sleepy… and the perfect remedy is time on our balcony, snoozing and relaxing. (we had amazing vegan chocolate mousse at lunch)

Sometimes we healers forget to use our skills for ourselves, so I just used some tangerine, grapefruit and rose oils to help me get connected inside, help support my body and raise my energy up with some happy vibes.

More tomorrow… first port of this cruise is Oco Rios, Jamaica!!!!!