Mastering Energy - Why Do It?

Do you have the same thoughts about yourself, everyday, yet are aware that you are wanting something different? Are you surprised by the frequency of the feelings that you don’t want? For example, I have been (and still am) diligently working on how I think about my body, and how I feel about myself. I have beliefs in place that say there is something wrong with me and I always have a program playing in the background of my mind - almost all the time. What amazes me is what happens when I manage to override the program and just DO what I want to do. Most mornings, I get out of bed and I am expecting to feel some kind of pain and I am immediately in judgement world about my body. When I have a focus (like getting up early to take a friend to the airport), I seem to be able to move past those judgements. Instead of thinking about walking down my front steps carefully so I don’t fall and hurt myself, I just quickly walked down the steps. My mind was focused on getting to my friend on time, not the fear of falling or being in pain.

I am understanding the concept of mastering our energy from a more practical place, one that we can actually use every day, in everything. As a singer, I rely on my air supply and how my vocal cords vibrate as the air moves through them. Energy. As I write this, my voice feels a bit “off”, which can throw me into a tailspin, especially today with a full week of singing ahead of me. I have been focusing on the problem; my voice isn’t working right. Using this energy concept of creating what I want to feel and experience - after all, it is all energy based - I am spending time focusing on what I want to feel and experience. Fluidity, ease, clear sound, and most of all, my love of singing. I am feeling what it’s like when I sing to people, how amazing the sound comes out of me and into them, how we connect through the energy that rides on my voice. Yes, I am also doing the physical things that will support my body, like hot water with lemon and honey, light vocal exercises and breathing techniques. I know if I keep worrying about it, I will get more to worry about, so I am taking a different path to what I want. All energy. My thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences.

I often write and ask my high self/Universe questions, and get answers that blow me away, yet I know them. It is my high self answering, which is why I recognize the answers and think, well duh, of course! Below is a piece of that writing from a few days ago:

You can create anything you want with what you are given. You know this. You have been afraid of letting go because you think you need it and will be alone without all the things you have grown used to eating as your companions. They are not your companions. They are energy. It is all a choice in energy. Your pleasure now comes from the quality of energy you experience in any given moment. As an energy form, your body has grown stiff and set in it’s ways - fear. It’s sticky and needs to be flushed out. Your question about whether you can have the same level of energy and ease in your body as you had 20 years ago? Yes. You can. It will be different because you are different. Your energy flow is different now. There is no need to suffer through your physicality. You worry incessantly that your heart, your brain and your breathing are not ok. That it is somehow compromised because of your size. It is not your size that determines how you function. It is your energy and how you feed it. 

First, you must inhabit your body again. You must breathe into it and allow it all to be here. It all matters. Every bit of you.

Next, you must begin to choose what you eat and do in order for your body to activate in a new way. We know your kind of pain. It is everywhere. You literally live in the pain of the past. You live in the fear of the future. You will never live free of the pain if you are not in it NOW. 

Living in a way that has who you are, authentically, lined up with what you do, think and feel, is like gold. It is not reserved for the enlightened. It is living enlightened. Your highest, universal self is in harmony with your physical and emotional self, and together you master your energetic signature on this planet. It may sound like a big, “out there” kind of concept, but really, it’s not. It is super simple and requires your attention and focus. As you master yourself, what others do or don’t do will not be an issue or skew what you know to be true. Now isn’t that freakin’ heaven?!