Mastering Your Energy - The Basics

We have all heard this: Everything is Energy.

What does this mean? It means that everything is made of the same stuff; molecules, atoms - energy. Everything, including us. Let that sink in for a moment. We are made up of the same molecules and atoms as the stars, the chair in the living room, the trees, our food… you name it, we are built with the same material. How we are formed is different, of course. Some more dense, some lighter. Here is the thing to know and keep in your back pocket: Energy is always moving. It may move slowly or quickly, but it is always moving. Even that wooden table or giant boulder that seems to be so hard and solid, it is energy and the energy never stops moving. Energy never dies. It reforms. When something “dies”, the energy that is that something moves into another form. When a tree dies, it doesn’t disappear or just lay there as a big, old, dead tree forever. It keeps transforming. It decays and becomes a form that feeds other vegetation, as food, mulch, rich soil. Energy moving.

Now think of yourself. Bring to mind something you’ve been trying to do or change for a period of time. How did you do it? Did you put your attention and focus on this thing for a concentrated period of time? Did you kind of focus on it sometimes and not so much at other times? Did you just declare that you wanted it and hope that it happened?

How much focus do you give what it is you actually want? Is it your source of pleasure? Or do you think you will have pleasure when you get this thing you want or the change you are looking for?

Energy Mastery is all about this - what you want/intend and how you give it attention and focus. Think of it like this:
You have one of those lightbulbs that are on a dimmer switch because you want to control how much light (energy) is in the room at any given time. You don’t just turn the switch on and off. You actually turn the knob until you have the amount of light that works for you. It requires your attention to determine that amount of light. This is a very quick example of how it works when you are wanting to control how much energy you are feeding the things you want and desire.

When we have pain, we have learned to either ignore it so it must get louder to get our attenion, or pay so much attention to it with fear and worry that we magnify the pain. We want it to go away, and we often resist allowing it to be here. Resisting anything ensures that it not only stays, it brings more of the very thing we don’t want. How do we manage pain when it brings up our fear and worry?

We remember it is energy, gathered in an area in our bodies. That energy can be emotional, physical, and mental. Energy that seems stuck is still moving and if it moving around in one place, it can hurt and divert the natural flow of energy in our bodies. It is a call to pay attention and direct our focus to what we feel in that area, then allow it to transform into feelings that match us inside. It is turning the light bulb on to the level of light that works in a given space, ie the amount of energy that works in our bodies in a given place.

There is so much to learn about navigating our own energy so we can manage our thoughts, feelings and choices with ease and confidence - and less pain! If you love the feeling of less pain and easier choices without suffering, jump on this platform with me. The more we master ourselves, the less we look to other people for what we need, as though we don’t have that already. We can meet people, whole, anchored in our power and open from our hearts. Now that is relationship I want - how about you?