This is 100

Today was Margaret’s 100th birthday and once again, I have the honor of bringing the music and love to this milestone party. She entered the room with her walker and, let me tell you, if 100 looks like that, I’m all in. Beautiful, regal and a little overwhelmed with all the attention! Her family was there, along with her 8 month old great granddaughter who loved all of the activity. We all had a blast together, but I think my favorite moment was at the end of the party, when we were singing , “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and I got to sing it right to her. Oh, that smile and those eyes! I don’t often serenade people individually, but today was one of those moments and I loved it.

In addition to the party itself, there were some staff who used to work at Gambrill Gardens when Margaret lived there and I used to entertain during that time. It was so good to reconnect and find out where everyone works, now. It’s wild when you realized that connections you’ve had for 14-15 years are still there!

Happy 100th Birthday Margaret, and thank you for bringing us all together, again…