Energy Guide Sessions

Energy Sessions always include a “reading”, during which I assist in receiving information from your high self through mine, which can often tell us where your energy is not moving easily, along with past issues that are still influencing thoughts and feelings. During a reading, we find out where we need to focus in order for you to feel lighter, more confident and anchored in your true self.

A session can include Reiki, energy transforming techniques, discussion, medical intuitive scanning, essential oils chosen specifically for that session, breathwork and visualization. We can work through video conference calls, Facetime or phone. You have the option to record your session and I will sometimes transcribe my notes and send them to clients when they contain information that can be used after the session, often beginning new practices to support new energy in a new direction.
75 - 90 minute Phone or In Person Session - $150

“Feel Connected to Your True Self” Custom Oil Blends

Essential Oils are selected intuitively and in your Energy Guide Session. They are blended to support your focus; releasing past energy while strengthening the feelings and direction you are working towards. For example, if you have deep seated beliefs about using your voice which is rooted in your solar plexus (belly area) where your sense of self and power originate, you would have a blend that would help you connect to that power and also support using your voice with confidence and clarity.

Included with your blend is how the oil is built, meaning how the different oils are layered and what they represent. You will also receive directions and suggestions to use the blend most effectively, with your choice of a roll on bottle, a spray bottle or both.


Roll On Bottle or Spray:
Roll on Bottle or Spray with 15 minute reading by phone:
Roll On Bottle AND Spray:
Roll On Bottle AND Spray with 15 minute reading by phone:
$125 (Can be two different custom blends)

Group Readings

This is a group information event where everything that is shared benefits everyone in the group. It is a powerful introduction or continuation of supporting our highest self connection, with others who seek information, validation and community. 90 minutes - 2 hours
Fee is per person, depending on size and location of group. Call for more information.

Coming Soon

Mastering Your Energy Classes and Courses -
I offer ways to learn mastering your energy, both online and in person, with individual classes and ongoing courses.
Some of the topics are:

Food - Learning How to Eat and Cook Energy
How to Feel/Manage Your Own Energy
Navigating Your Energy Around Others
Tools to Support Your Energy

“I have been working with Bridgette for many months now. The breakthroughs I have had during this time have been well beyond anything I could have expected. I have been able to break through old belief patterns, find direction in my business that I never would have expected, and worked through big physical ailments since returning from Peru. Bridgette’s connection to information is astounding to see and is spot on EVERY SINGLE TIME! The thing I love the most about Bridgette is that she doesn’t let me get away with avoiding the things I need to work through and clear. There’s no hiding in her house and I am grateful. It keeps me accountable to myself. Thank you, Bridgette, for walking with me through my journey. You are truly gifted, and I am glad to now call you my friend”
Bridgette’s gifted listening, sharing and healing work has helped me to feel more confident and believe in myself.
The time we spent together has been a touchpoint for me since we worked together. Thank you, Bridgette!!
— KL
You are a gifted healer, and I encourage anyone who wants to amp up their life to connect with their higher self with your guidance.
Thank you for helping me to reconnect with my inner adventurer, it feels fantastic!
— Cindy
I have done energy work with Bridgette and the speed at which this process moved the discovery along was amazing. She was able to detect a link between an event 30 years ago and a current relationship issue with a family member. I can say that understanding and being aware of the factors around the 30 year old incident have changed my view and I believe it has given me more compassion towards the individuals involved. Thanks Bridgette for your help.
— JG
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