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We know that caring for someone who lives with long term conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, dementia, diabetes, can be daunting at times. Physical needs begin to take more energy and adjusting to new avenues of communication and relationship may feel hard or overwhelming.

Bridgette Kossor will share tools you can use on a day to day basis, that will help you connect more deeply with your loved ones, using touch, essential oils and energy management, while keeping yourself well and cared for, at the same time. This is a workshop that encourages you to bring your family member/client so you can learn and practice together.

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Essential Oils have been used for many centuries by healers and medical practitioners in communities, in many cultures, from ancient times to the present. Plants have always been a source of healing tools and essential oils have made a resurgence into people’s lives, both personally and professionally. Recently, there was a study done at Vanderbilt University’s emergency room where they placed diffusers at specific areas in the emergency area for the staff to experience. They noted that the staff were calmer, more energetic and felt better. They are now preparing to do a study with the patients.

Aromatherapy and Touch Modalities have been used for many years in the caregiving environment. Twenty years ago, many senior communities started to incorporate “snoozlin” rooms, where they used aroma, sensory, light and sound therapies with their residents. It has taken a bit of time to catch on, but we have been seeing the benefits of music, color and light on the health of our senior population, as well as people of all ages. Aromatherapy and touch are primary sensory therapies that can be used by just about anyone. Learning what the oils can be used for and how to safely apply them, are incredibly important. Every oil is different, comes from a different part of plants and must be used with knowledge and instruction. People can be sensitive to some essential oil, so knowing the best way to apply them for each person is integral to successful outcomes. Using Essential Oils when assisting a resident in everyday functions, such as the bathroom, showers, meals or during upsets/lack of energy, could be a very helpful tool that helps everyone feel better and makes these daily/weekly tasks easier for everyone.

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You need to be able to think, see and feel clearly and if you get pulled out of your own energy, you will be having someone else’s experience. This is such an important piece of this work. If you are working with a loved one who is very distraught, how can you connect to them and understand what they really need or want, if you get caught up in their disturbance. You cannot clearly get the information needed to help them. You must be able to connect with them on a completely different level so that you are not responding from a place of imbalance and upset.

Touching is sharing energy between two people, not just the sensation of feeling physically. Touching can help circulation work a bit better. Many people have strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes, which affects limbs and it often feels awkward to focus any attention on these areas for both the resident AND the family member/caregiver. Hand massages, a hand on a shoulder, holding hands, these are all simple ways to create connection and an exchange of energy.


Bridgette Kossor is a singer, speaker and energy guide. She specializes in senior community music programs and the healing arts, using touch, essential oils, and connection, on a deep level, to support the wellbeing and balance of clients and audiences.

Bridgette  has been singing and working with energy throughout her life as an experienced performer, certified Reiki master, ordained interfaith Minister and energy intuitive. She is well-known for her dynamic, powerful and soul-touching performances, as well as the energetic connection she has with her audiences.

She also teaches people to understand, manage and master their own energy through private and group sessions, so they can then align with their purpose and live the highest good possible; for themselves, and for the world. 


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