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Connecting through Music, Energy and Healing…

Every person matters. Every story matters. Love matters.

This event is for you and for us. When we know that we matter, that we are whole and enough, we help others know this to be true as well. I AM Enough: Every Story Matters, is a donating partner to Covenant House, an organization the is committed to “guiding our youth from homelessness to hope”. They help young people transform their lives and put them on a path to independence.

When you buy a ticket to the event, enter the drawing to win the Gift YourSelf Prize, buy a handmade tile and I AM Enough items to remember your experience, you are donating to Covenant House. It is a beautiful win/win; you gift others as you gift yourself…

Join us as we gather once again, in a new time, a new energy with new possibilities to create a world that loves everyone. Now.

The I AM Enough musician team for June 18th, 2019

The I AM Enough musician team for June 18th, 2019


Music Performances

Connect your Community
through Music.


Senior Music

Every Person Matters…
and Music Includes Everyone.


Mastering your energy

Readings-Healing Sessions
Custom Essential Oil Blends

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the I am enough experience

“An Empowering Musical Experience ”

When you feel connected to your true self, you feed yourself in ways that truly serve you; the best food, healthy relationships, doing work that you love and living a life that reflects
who you are.
— Bridgette Kossor

I have done energy work with Bridgette and the speed at which this process moved the discovery along was amazing. She was able to detect a link between an event 30 years ago and a current relationship issue with a family member. I can say that understanding and being aware of the factors around the 30 year old incident have changed my view and I believe it has given me more compassion towards the individuals involved.
Thanks Bridgette for your help.
— JG