A musical journey into compassion, acceptance, courage and honor… for ourselves and each other.


I Am Enough is a powerful experience for anyone who has ever questioned their worth and believed they were anything less than enough. The music and lyrics tell a story that belongs to every person in the audience, giving a voice to our inner awakening, the beliefs that we carry with us from the past, choosing a new and authentic life, feeling empowered as we own who we really are, reclaiming our innocence, connecting to our spirit and celebrating our inner knowing that we are all connected. We leave this experience knowing that we always have been, and always will be, Enough.


Thank You to our amazing musicians, vendors, artisans, volunteers and audience for coming together and creating this experience!!

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This concert experience is like no other; Bridgette Kossor’s original production is pioneering, brave and REAL. It gives a voice to our thoughts and feelings, allowing every part of ourselves to be acknowledged through music, speaking to the soul, as it rocks our minds and bodies. Each song is a stepping stone to the next - connecting our lives as a whole.


Our incredibly gifted, local St. Louis musician team,
joining Bridgette (vocals/writer/composer)
Dave Black on guitar
Mitzi MacDonald on piano/vocals
Matt Rowland on electric guitar/vocals
Holly Laws on violin/mandolin/vocals
Ashby Laws on piano/ penny whistle/accordion/ xylophone/vocals
Andre Cataldo on drums/cajone
Andrew Laws on bass
Joe Burress on drums

Guest appearances by Tim Mead on vocals and Pati Pellerito on Himalyan Singing Bowls.

The “Gift YourSelf Hour” Artisans and Vendors:

The Awakenings Project - Capture the Connection Pop Up Photos
Lotus Creations - original artwork, music CD, children’s book and VIDA line of scarves, summer tshirts and accessories, all based on the I AM series of uplifting, affirming acrylic art on canvas.
Silver and Stone Designs - Metaphysical Crystals and Sterling Silver pendants
Silver Lining - A Holistic Wellness Center and Boutique: Pop Up Store
Center of Sound (Pati Pellerito) - Himalyan Singing Bowls and CDs
Sarah Ludlow - Spiritual Readings
The Crystal Coach (Anahata Roache) - crystal guidance and readings, Crystal Sprays
Delightful Mind and Body (Amy Brown) - Massage Therapy
Diva Designs for You - machine embroidered products: earrings, “Femme Fatale” tote bags and perhaps some Kimonos
Lemongrass Spa (Wendy Breese) - USA handmade skin and personal care products
Cora Kosel - Massage Therapist
Diana Toler - Chiropractor, Cranialsacral therapy
Inner Magic Gifts (Jan Castanis & Doreen Kozeny) - I Am Enough tiles

We are partnering with  Covenant House Missouri , so a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support teens in healing and knowing their power, through the dedication and commitment of this organization to "guide our youth from homelessness to hope".

We are partnering with Covenant House Missouri, so a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support teens in healing and knowing their power, through the dedication and commitment of this organization to "guide our youth from homelessness to hope".

What does “I AM Enough” mean to you?


About the Composer and Author: 
Bridgette Kossor is a singer, songwriter, author, performer and transformational coach with more than 30 years in the entertainment and self discovery fields. Bridgette's passion and connection for life inspires her performances, creating a spark of soul and an opening of the heart that happens between Bridgette and her audiences.

She wrote and recorded, "I Am Enough", the CD,  in 2002 as a gift to herself and did not know that it was a connected body of work, a journey connecting from one song to the next.  After 12 years, she noticed how it always seemed to show her where she felt "blocked" in her life.  Now  it is a process she uses to heal the past, remember who she is and her purpose in life. Her intention and hope is to bring this production to as many people as possible, to heal and transform our collective beliefs about our worth, breaking the generational patterns of abuse, judgement and exclusion, so that we can evolve our vulnerability, acceptance and empowerment

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