When you feel connected to your true self, you feed yourself in ways that truly serve you; the best food, healthy relationships, doing work that you love and living a life that reflects
who you are.
— Bridgette Kossor

From the time I was a young girl, I wanted to be a famous singer, and when I grew into my teenage years, I wanted to help people not feel pain or hunger. Singing was and, still is, my passion and joy. Helping people who are in pain, and hungry to remember who they truly are - this is my purpose and calling. Being witness to someone lighting up from the inside leaves me speechless and what joy to have music and energy healing skills be the tools of my trade.

Every person matters. Every story matters. Love matters.

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“An Empowering Musical Experience ”

Spotlight on “Mastering Your Energy with Food”

This month marks the beginning of a new course I am teaching at the Cancer Support Community and it focuses on how to manage and master your energy, through the food you eat. Our textbook is a new book by Christina Pirello: “Back to the Cutting Board. In 2007, I learned about macrobiotics and discovered that food has it’s own energy, just like we do. No two people are the same and neither is food! I was in heaven, given the fact that I feel energy in everything. Food is so much more than the value we assign; carbs, protein, fat, calories. It has energetic value and is a major building block for both our bodies AND the quality of our lives. Do you crave the same foods at the same time every day? Are you feeling stressed and wound tight as spring? Are you having a hard time feeling motivated, with little energy to move forward? Are you having pity parties way too often? Do you have amazing ideas but can’t seem to get them up and out of your head?

Yup. Food energy can help all of this. “Back to the Cutting Board” offers a great overview of food energetics and a huge section of recipes that are coded to help you choose meals that support balance in your personal energy.

This course also highlights tools that help you stay centered and balanced within yourself, and how to navigate your way around others and their energy. These are tools most of us have not learned; we are actually taught the opposite, which has us looking outwardly for our sense of well being and happiness. Imagine the feeling of empowerment, knowing how to live in our own, true energy and feeding it well…

Watch for the public offering of this course - I have had many requests by people who want to learn food energy and how it can support their wellness. Interested? Let me know here and you will be among the first to know.

I have done energy work with Bridgette and the speed at which this process moved the discovery along was amazing. She was able to detect a link between an event 30 years ago and a current relationship issue with a family member. I can say that understanding and being aware of the factors around the 30 year old incident have changed my view and I believe it has given me more compassion towards the individuals involved.
Thanks Bridgette for your help.
— JG