Public & Private Perfomances, Conferences and Events

Bridgette Kossor’s passion for life and connecting with people, inspires her performances, creating a spark of soul and an opening of the heart between Bridgette and her audiences. Coupled with her warmth and vibrancy, Bridgette’s gregarious, infectious personality touches people in the most unexpected ways, resulting in a truly unique, interactive performance with each audience.  You’ll never see the same performance twice!  Because of her interactive nature, Bridgette creates an intimate setting, with any audience, whether big or small.  Currently, Bridgette performs for clients in the hospitality and corporate sectors, as well as for individual, private events.

  • Concerts

  • Celebrations/Parties

  • Conferences - Keynote, Original Concert (I Am Enough), Connecting Parties/Icebreaker

  • Community Events

  • Life Milestones

  • Spiritual Gatherings

  • Intimate Weddings

  • Private Events

Venues & Clients include:

People Are Saying…

I hook into your amazing voice vibe and I am one with the song and with you. You draw people in without realizing what amazing power you have.Most of the time I‘m just looking around at the people at tables next to me and catch a random strangers eye and we both share this look of communion and shake our heads up and down in this nonverbal “yeah baby” look of pure joy. Like ‘yeah, I get it.
— Mary Moelling
Your clear, powerful voice moves mountains of resistance in us and helps us to
SEE the real “ME” in us!
— EB
We consider her the soul, the voice of our cruise!
— John Belleme/Holistic Holiday at Sea