Music has this amazing power to open hearts and encourage listeners to feel invigorated.

With Bridgette's use of music, positive energy and her core belief that there is always more to experience, she rejuvenates the spirit and awakens the soul.

Program Features

  • a multitude of styles and genres including popular songs from the ’60s through the present, show tunes, patriotic and inspirational tunes.
  • loving, caring interaction with your residents. Bridgette makes a difference in their lives. She provides her full attention and loving care.
  • instruments, costumes, scarves and more, encouraging residents to participate as fully as they can.
  • perhaps the single, most effective part of this program is the intention of love and happiness, driven with high amounts of fun energy. (it helps that she can sing too!)

Bridgette comes equipped with a full state of the art PA system and wireless microphone technology relieving you of the burden of providing this equipment.

Rejuvenate Your Residents

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Meet Bridgette

Bridgette Kossor has been professionally singing, entertaining, writing and recording for over 30 years and is most recognized for her dynamic, energetic and soul-felt performances. With a big and deeply strong voice that can belt out a powerful tune while delivering a loving whisper to your heart, Bridgette’s love of music and people is joyfully contagious. Her work in the senior community through an original music program that “wakes up” the body and heart has shown amazing responses that go well beyond the expected. “I feel alive!”, “I feel young!”, “I feel so good!”, “I feel love”, are regular comments that come from all of Bridgette’s audiences, young and old.