Senior Music

You make us feel like someone who matters.
We often forget who we are inside,
and the music helps us feel part of things again.
— A Laclede Groves Care Center Resident
“Our Memory Care residents always come back
to our section awake, happier and more relaxed
after your music program.”
— Staff Member

I bring music, energy and love together in a social gathering of seniors and “flip the switch” so they are engaged and happy. They forget what they can’t do or don’t want to do. There is something about the way music, movement and community work together that bypasses the usual limits seniors experience; whether it’s the ability to move, speak, or think coherently, that becomes activated in a different way.

In addition to these more functional aspects, the combination of my voice, my energy and the way I talk to my senior audiences, has a deep impact, socially, emotionally and spiritually. This is feedback that has been given to me over the 20+ years that I have been offering these music programs. (I am experienced with all levels of senior care and living; Independent, Assisted Living, Skilled Care and Alzheimer’s/Dementia)

A simple explanation of the work I do with seniors is waking people up and activating their life energy, through music and interaction. I am always operating from a belief that anything is possible. This opens the door for miracles and magic to happen.

What to expect:

  • Professional Bose Sound System

  • Respectful, Personal & REAL Interaction

  • Wide Range of Music Selections

  • Happy Residents, Family & Staff

  • Magic Moments

Clients include:

Would you like to bring my music program to your favorite senior community?


I am aware of the budget challenges of the facilities that hire me to entertain and make a difference to their residents. There have been occasions when a family member would donate money to schedule me more often. Why? Because they see the change in their loved one, and the other people they live with, so they want to support this experience for them.

You can donate a full program - by yourself, or you can join with other family members at your chosen facility. Just click the donate button and once we have reached the total needed, you will be notified that your program is ready to be scheduled.

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