boundaries are the distance.jpg

Knowing we have a choice in how we feel about anything is one of the powerful tools that I am practicing and sharing; with myself and with clients. Judging how I got here... meh... wasting my energy and focus. What matters more to me at this point in my life experience, is being able to be where I am, fully aware and anchored inside. Because I deeply feel into so much, there is a sense of connection and relationship with everyone and everything, and I love how it feels to BE in this state of unity and oneness. Now, in a world where we are also individuals who forget this state of being, this level of connection can be uncomfortable. There are moments when I wonder if it is ok. Can we still be respectful and honoring to each of our boundaries while we are connected at a universal level?

Then I feel the answer, inside. How could being who I am be disrespectful or not honoring? And how do I know anyone else’s boundaries? I don’t, unless they tell me, or those boundaries announce themselves quite clearly.

What are boundaries for you? Are they protection against being hurt or taken from? Are they a way to keep people out, or maybe hold them close? Could they be a way to keep us safe and a part of our self care?

Are boundaries a way for us to navigate our own energy in the midst of everyone else’s?

That’s what boundaries are for me. They tell me where I can still maintain my own energy and stay dialed into the feeling that is most aligned for me. When I feel someone move past a boundary, I feel how the strength of my own energy can become fuzzy and then I feel the need to create some space so I can “tune in” again. I love this way of thinking about boundaries because it relieves me of judging someone else’s energy or boundaries, especially my own. It simply helps me master my energy. No matter who or what shows up.

I love what the image above states:

“Boundaries are the distance I can love you and me simultaneously.”

Doesn’t this feel amazing? This is power, my friends.